About Us

CESA provides a forum for suppliers of consumer electronics and major appliances to focus on regulatory, technical and commercial issues that affect the capacity of member companies to supply product in the Australian market.

Aims & Objectives

Create and maintain the best environment for the development, introduction and continuity in Australia of consumer electrical and electronic products representing the latest technology.

Membership Benefits

CESA provides a united voice for industry on a number of technical and regulatory matters and a high-level of input on numerous key industry issues.

Contact Us

Ian McAlister
Chief Executive Officer
[email protected] 
GPO Box 173 Canberra City Act 2601

The Consumer Electronics Suppliers’ Association

The Consumer Electronics Suppliers’ Association (CESA) represents suppliers of a wide range of consumer electrical and electronic products in the Australian market. CESA members meet regularly to maintain their knowledge of regulatory compliance issues affecting the supply of consumer electronics in Australia.

CESA offers suppliers the opportunity to strengthen the industry and individual companies through consultation with government, representation on Standards Australia committees, collaboration on submissions and comments to regulators, networking opportunities and participation in initiatives at the forefront of the electronic industry, such as energy efficiency, product stewardship, standards and codes of conduct.

Members of CESA are committed to improving and maintaining industry and community standards.