The Consumer Electronics Suppliers Association (CESA) represents suppliers of a wide range of consumer applainces in the Australian and
New Zealand market. CESA members meet regularly to maintain their knowledge of regulatory compliance issues affecting the supply
of consumer appliances in Australia.
The Association provides a united voice for industry and a high level of input on numerous key industry issues.
CESA currently has in excess of 50 positions on Standards Australia committees and these positions are exclusive to CESA members.
Members of CESA meet regularly and are committed to improving and maintaining industry and community standards.

Aims & Objectives

  • Create The Best Environment
    Create and maintain the best environment for the development, introduction and continuity in Australia of consumer appliances representing the latest technology.
  • To Provide A Forum
    Provide a forum for the discussion of issues affecting members and a vehicle to communicate positions on these issues to government, the public and other stakeholders.
  • Technical Support & Assistance
    Provide technical support for members in understanding and interpretation of standards, regulations, codes of practice and government policy initiatives.
  • Encourage Our Members To Excel
    Encourage innovation, common standards, employment, training and education, and ethics and contribute to Australia’s economic and social development.

Improving & maintaining industry & community standards.

CESA offers suppliers the opportunity to strengthen the industry and individual companies through consultation with government, representation on Standards Australia committees, collaboration on submissions and comments to regulators, networking opportunities and participation in initiatives at the forefront of the appliance industry, such as energy and water efficiency, product stewardship, standards and codes of conduct.